100% Sales Focused
It's like having an assistant in your pocket
Simple to use, tracks every step for capitalizing on ROI...
* 14 Day $1 Trial
Integrates & Works With Your Favorite Services'
Become A Productivity Master & Work Smarter
NowDriven is more than a productivity tool it's a smart app that will help you build your business in the most efficient fashion.
Once you start using the App you'll quickly start to experience an instant improvement along with an increase to your bottom line...
The Right Actions
Lead Managing is as efficient as instant Dialing, Messaging, Scheduling, Routing and keeping up with just a few clicks of a button...
Be the Professional
Pros predict the future because they understand the importance of knowing their numbers from the actions that they take...
NowDriven Automates Business
You now can get more done while pressing less buttons. And in sales more actions means more production... It's like 10Xing you time...
Watch The Video To See How
We Get Things Done - Fast!
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What is your time worth to you?
Lead Management At Your Fingertips
It's like having your office, in your pocket. Because losing notes, leads, schedule and clients can be embarrassing. Not to mention unprofessional... It's so simple to use with all major actions are just a click of the button away.
Performance Tracking of Personal Analytics
Online everyone is talking about how important split testing is and tracking of traffic along with conversion rates. But, Should you track these same moves offline. In the past, you had to use a pen, paper and or a spreadsheet. That's so time-consuming that most never even bother. Which is too bad... But not anymore you'll never have to deal with that again... NowDriven does the work for you.
Business & Personal Scheduler
Sync with Google Calendar and if you need iCal well Google already integrated, so all bases covered. Now you will get notifications on your cell phone about that next important meeting! Plus, you can work directly with your leads from the calendar hence, no jumping around just work your database. You can make events for Call Backs, Appointments, Phone Meetings, Reminders and Other.
Dashboard and Goal Tracker
Birds-Eye View of Your Month
See where you are at with current goals. With the Goal Tracker Option Built-in: Build your own custom goal outline for daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals. Heck, you can build goals between any date range. Based on the activity of the things that make you money. Like Calls Made, Presentations, Drop-Ins, and Total Sales Numbers.
The NowDriven Mobile App
The NowDriven App Avalible on Android and iOS
Now this changes the game. Take your command center anywhere with you. Making the NowDriven App like having your assistant everywhere you go.
Start Your $1 Trial
Just Sign Up & Get Things Done...
Lead Source Builder
Identify Which Leads Convert The Best
You will also be able to identify which ones are a waste of time. Just imagine waking up and knowing you're going to sell "X" number of units today! Because you will be working smarter and not harder.
The Lead Uploader
Quickly Upload Your Leads Into Our Uploader via Excel File
This is the fastest way to get all of your leads into the system. Or you can just put them in one by one your choice.
Daily Email Notification Service
Every Morning You'll Get Your Important Reminders
Because you will receive appointments, call backs or events schedule in your calendar of what your day looks like. Keeping you on track to success. Plus we added Goals and all of this syncs with Google Calendar.
NowDriven Training Membership Site and Training Manuals
We Want to Make Sure You Know
How to Use NowDriven
Once you learn, you will see how easy it will make your workflow. It's actually quicker than the old methods. This is an upgraded training from just receiving Manuals. Karl will hold your hand on our training membership site. Includes many sales tips in the training.
Leadership Hierarchy Levels
Let's Turn That Team Into The Dream Team
With 4 levels of hierarchy, how would you like to know what your team is struggling with? That way you know how to help them. You get access to their every move, numbers calls, miles driven, drop-in's, scheduled appointments, presentations and sales made. 

**This feature is available only with Manager Accounts**
Lead and Contact Managmenet
Push Button Mapping & Routing
Click to Call In Every Lead View
Sales Analytics & ROI Reporting
Calendar & Daily Task Reminder
Sync with Google Calendar
Built on Cloud Servers
Goal Builder and Tracker
4 Hierarchy
User Management for All Levels
Bank Encrypted SSL Certificate
Import/Export Leads via Excel
Custom Lead Types for Tracking
No Programing Plug and Play
Future Feature Releases
Custom Design for your Industry
Scalable to 10,000’s of users/sub users 
World Class Support
Up To 100,000 Leads per account
*1 Manager + 2 Sub Accounts
$24.95 Mo
$49.95 Mo
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